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DR SANJAY HONKALSE alias sanjaysir is referred to as self made one man institution by his friends n  students.

M.D.;M.Phil.;M.A.;M.COM; LL.B.;

. B.A.; B.COM ;D .H. E.;D.B.M.;

D.T.T; D.G.T; D.M.T.; 

 A self made multi-faceted ,n versatile personality DR SANJAY HONKALSE has been referred as a one man institution by his friends and students.  A  Trained ECONOMIST ,PRACTITIONER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE,TRAVELLER, WRITER, ,POET,ORGANISER,GUIDE,AND SPIRITUAL SEEKER

N YET  SIMPLE  N  DOWN  TO EARTH.He , since childhood ,.has been EARNER-LEARNER worked as ball man(tennis) ,hawker to become C.ID. library asst. n lecturer in ECONOMICS and MANAGEMENT.


  Sanjay Sir is a self-made and highly qualified person who has received Gold Medal in M.A. (Economics) and merit ranks in Mumbai University in B.A.(Economics) and M.Com. (Management). Sacrificing the possibility of pursuing a lucrative corporate career, he pursued the career as lecturer in R.A.Podar College Commerce and Economics, one of the prestigious colleges in India to fulfill social obligations and devoted all his time in developing the personalities of students and make them “Best and Right Citizens.” He has been carrying out variety of activities through an informal group:

  Organizing and Managing tours all over India:

Population Education and Sex Education Program in association with FPAI (Family Planning Association of India) for over 15 years

Communication Workshop

Career Planning

Counseling students and people to help them cure and prevent psycho social problems

Spiritual Awareness by organizing Yagnyas, Religious Tours across India

Scholarship Training to the students for the reputed TATA scholarship

He has coined SIEQTM  (Spiritual–Intelligent-Emotional Quotient). His main thrust is on the spiritual development through Spiritual Quotient because he says that “Spirituality is a wider canvass that encompasses Intelligent and Emotional Quotients.”His book "MANAGEMENT BY SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT:POWER OF FAITH"

  is published by "publish america"ISBN 978-1-4489-7014-8


Gem Therapy

Magnet Therapy

Dry Eye Syndrome 

 Water Therapy

 Water Therapy cont'd

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A trained economist, Dr. Sanjay Honkalse has been practicing Alternative Medicine for the past 20 years. He is  M.D. in Alternative Medicines from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines , recognized by The United Nations and W.H.O. ,with specialization in Gems, Tele Therapy & Acupressure and Naturopathy.

Dr. Honkalse also secured qualifications with Distinction in Divine Sciences namely Astrology (Oriental and Predictive), Palmistry, Numerology, Divine Healing, Gem Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Radionics (Dowsing), Cosmic Ray therapy, Medical Astrology, Tele – Therapy, Reiki, Pyramid Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Graphology, Rudraksha Therapy and Naturopathy.

He is the author of several textbooks and articles on topics ranging from Gem Therapy to Urban Planning and has given speeches which have been aired on TV channels and radio. He has also presented White Papers at International conferences.

Dr Honkalse’s focus of his practice has been the role of lifestyle factors in influencing health and how Alternative Medicine can provide drug-less and non invasive therapeutic means of healing.

An expert in Jyotish, the Vedic astrological system, of which Ayurveda was once a part, Dr Sanjay has spent a lifetime studying gems and their relation to the various planets and how they produce a balancing effect to counter specific diseases. He has excelled in therapeutic measures to heal physical, mental, and spiritual situations, based on astrology chart indicators.

He is well versed with the appropriate uses of dietary supplements, herbs, and other forms of treatment, from Reiki to Chinese and Homeopathic medicine. He is also open-minded and knowledgeable about the body's innate mechanisms of healing.

In other words, Dr. Sanjay Honkalse is an expert in navigating the confusing maze of therapeutic options that are available today, especially in those cases in which conventional approaches are relatively ineffective or harmful.

He has also been conducting spiritual tours on a non-commercial basis with a view of development of Spiritual Quotient.

Dr. Sanjay Honkalse is also a versatile poet and has won the awards from International Library of Poets (ILP), USA.


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